They're back! :)

Aug 22, 2016

They're back! 😀
Our wonderful children from last year, plus and extra 4 new children have arrived for their month of love and care. Let the fun begin..... 😍

Its been a great first weekend for the children and their families.
Here's a few comments from the host parents:

"I was so touched by his enormous charging hug last night which nearly literally knocked me off my feet!"
"It's fantastic!!! Sleep, fruit, yogurt and massive belly laughs when she leapt in the bath and soaked me!!"
"one still asleep, the other has been on the trampoline, cycled, played badminton, Frisbee and the piano!"
"currently soaking my bathroom by trying to displace every drop of water out of the bath"
"its just like he's never been away"

Happy days!!